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My Megasus Experience



There is somebody else we want to introduce you to, the 7-year-old mare Tabenocca. Her loving family calls her Tabby. After moving in with her new family, her iron horseshoes were removed. The hind hooves were taken off on purpose, but she removed the front pair by herself. In the beginning, she was able to walk, but she had very sensitive hooves. After some weeks her hooves worsened; she could barely walk and you could see that every movement was painful. She was very unsure of herself in the pasture and kept her distance from the other horses because it hurt to walk and she couldn’t move around comfortably. Integrating into the new herd became a problem and she didn’t dare go to the horse trough because she was scared of the other horses. 

All four hooves were thin, and her soles were very flat. Tabby was equipped with four Megasus Horserunners in the Mega-GLUE variety because she needed permanent hoof protection. Since Tabby was previously shod, we also inserted a stabilizer to give her more stability. 


Now Tabby proudly wears her Megasus Horserunners on all four hooves and she has regained her self-confidence. She has developed a new feeling for movement and enjoys walking around. Anja and Heidi were overwhelmed: "Finally, Tabby can walk without pain! We are so happy that we can work with her again." After some time, Tabby was moved into the stable, but due to her hoof problems, Anja and Heidi couldn't work with her at all. They are now looking forward to getting to know their horse better and to the great adventures to come.  

Within minutes with the Megasus Horserunners on, Tabby broke into a trot and moved around the hay rack in a completely free and joyous manner. And after just a few hours of wearing the Megasus Horserunners, she regained some of her self-confidence and took her place at the horse trough. The other horses in the herd took notice. Some days later, Anja and Heidi were able to begin working with Tabby in the round pen, where Tabby trotted happily and freely. All of this would not have been possible without the Megasus. 

After two days with the Megasus Horserunners on, Tabby’s seemed to come back to life and she was radiating. She’s transformed into a brave horse and is part of the herd again. Suddenly, she wanted to venture out of the yard and could be seen bucking and jumping around with pleasure when working with Anja and Heide. "Today, Tabby is full of energy and we are so thankful to see her happy again! Thanks to the Megasus Horserunners and Sandra’s help, our darling is healthy and enjoys moving again,’’ said Heidi excitedly. 

We wish Tabby and her new family all the best with their new Megasus and we are sure that she is ready for new adventures and hope they have an exciting time getting to know each other.



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