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One Horserunner -  Three fastening systems

Megasus Run'n'Fun: The Horserunners with a touch of Mega-GLUE

Megasus Run’n’Fun! The Horserunners with a touch of Mega-Glue

If you’re thinking about riding in a drag hunt, competing, in deep mud, or want to transition from horseshoes to barehoof, then the Megasus Run’n’Fun is your champion! The Run’n’Fun is pushing the limits on every terrain. They give you peace of mind and you no longer need to worry about your hoof protection: Saddle up and off you go!

The Megasus Run’n’Fun is glued directly to the hoof wall with just a touch of glue and only there. The hoof’s sole remains glue-free.

Born to be wild!

Like a true rock star, the Run'n'Fun is your companion on any adventure, no matter what. Marion and Betty from the Megasus Task Force put them to the test with Roxy and Ribanna at the „Horse against the machine“. Who will win? They challenged tough guys Arno, Alex and Tom with their Harleys to a different kind of race.

Galloping on asphalt, is it possible?

‘’We approached it cautiously at first and then slowly moved into a gallop. I quickly noticed that Ribanna was doing great and wanted to run even faster. Whether it was asphalt to grass, or the other way around, we barely recognized the transition between the different grounds. That was an unbelievable experience and was only possible with a sneaker like the Megasus Run’n’Fun, ‘’ said Marion euphorically. Click here for the video

Gluing and Barehoof – is it possible?

With the Megasus Run’n’Fun, we break away from old beliefs because going barehoof immediately after a glue cycle is not mutually exclusive. But on the contrary! The Megasus Run’n’Fun is a unique adhesive hoof protection with which the hoof quality develops so well that after a hoof ends its growth cycle, of about 4-6 weeks, the horse can run barehoof afterwards.

The Megasus Run’n’Fun is an all-around star and suitable for all leisure riders who are active in sports with their horse, want to have fun, and want more security -  but also for the horses with lacking hoof horn, sensitive hooves, and need time fo regenerating (like Martina and Luisa). Likewise, they are for horses who are transitioning from iron horseshoes to barehoof.

Carmena springs to first place!

The farrier and Styrian national champion, Hannes Deutsch and his Carmena haven’t missed out on a competition with the Megasus Run’n’Fun. We wish them another successful season and congratulate them full heartedly. At the CSN-B* CSNP-B Tillmitsch, Carmena and Hannes competed in their first class-S. At the CSN-C New CDN-C new Tillmitsch, Carmena with rider Martina Großegger took first place in the class A and L. Although they haven’t been fully developed for professional sports, they’ve proven themselves on the field and we are now collecting these experiences for further product developments for the high-end sports divisions!

Megasus Med’n’Rehab: For Foundered-Horses & Barehoof Fans

Our on- and off clip-able Horserunners are unbeatable in two areas: in the orthopedic and medical areas. Barehoof in seconds is extremely important for providing medical treatment for issues such as abscesses or if you wish to frequently trim the hooves for issues like laminitis. The greatest advantage: orthopedic adjustments can be performed on the hoof directly at any time, that way, for example a wedge is no longer need.
Link to the blog from Sissy:

The Megasus Quick’n’Stick: Simple, Quick and practical (still in development)

Our third star in the bunch is the Quick’n’Stick. This variety is currently in the testing and development phase. It is practical, quick, and easy to mount and can be done almost anywhere. Our riders have been using it in the field for several weeks and are putting it to the test.

Our tip for you: all the systems are interchangeable

It doesn’t matter which Megasus Horserunners you choose. They can be quickly and easily converted to another fastening system. Your horse has an abscess? Med’n’Rehab is your best bet and when it’s healed, trade out the Side-Clips for the Run’n’Fun and compete in the next jumping competition. You just need Mega-GLUE Side-Clips, Mega-GLUE 2k-Kleber, mixing tips and the handy dispenser gun.

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