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Flora the Pony (35 years old)

Flora walked very poorly. This was the result of severe laminitis.


The pony Flora was loved by her owner Elisabeth. They were bound by many years of friendship. Elisabeth had asked the hoof trimmer Sandra Schinnerl from the Megasus Task Force for help. She didn’t know what else to do for the 35-year-old pony because she suffered from the aftermath of a past bout with hoof laminitis, causing her to rarely walk and when so, very sensitively. She didn’t like going over the hard ground. Elisabeth was on the search for a solution so that Flora could finally walk healthily and comfortably again.



Flora endured through the long-lasting repercussions of laminitis and an associative development of a hoof deformity. She was burdened by her overly long toes and deformed hooves. She was barehoof and couldn’t walk without experiencing pain. Although her laminitis wasn’t acute, much of her pain stemmed from the past case. Not only from the side, but also from taking a look at the soles (see pictures below), it can be seen at a glance that the toe is too long.


In the course of trimming the hooves, the toe was shortened significantly, making this the very first step in bringing the hoof back to its physiological form. The goal of the first hoof trim was to shorten the bars and to relieve the hoof.


After the hoof trim, Flora was able to walk a little better, but not painlessly. She was still moving cautiously and stumbled. When going downhill, she walked especially tentatively and faltered slightly. In order for the hooves to recover, the next important step was to protect the hooves and to apply a soft filling for even more comfort.





Hoof trimmer Sandra mounted the Megasus Run’n’Fun on Flora’s hooves in the size 90 by selectively applying a minimal amount of Mega-GLUE 2-component glue onto the hoof wall. Sandra chose the Megasus Run’n’Fun because it was especially important for her that Flora had permanent protection. The Megasus Run’n’Fun protected the weak soles and provided needed relief to the toes. In addition, the Megasus soles were cushioned with a soft filler to provide as much comfort as possible for when Flora was standing or moving about. Flora’s gait was much more fluid and loose. Also, when Flora went downhill, she could do so much more relaxed, confidently, and with less caution. Her gait changed and she used her front hooves distinctly more. Flora doesn’t have to go about carefully over the hard ground anymore.


Flora walked comfortably and cheerfully with the Megasus on, could take walks with her owner Elisabeth, her hooves were well protected, and the condition of her hooves improved rapidly. Even when in the paddock, Flora moved around joyfully and was full of vitality. Flora could walk painlessly with the Megasus Run’n’Fun and moved fluidly. She was flourishing, and her owner Elisabeth reported that her quality of life had improved drastically. Elisabeth is happy that Flora was able to bloom in her old age and enjoyed her time in her new comfortable shoes. Unfortunately, Flora passed away in the summer due to severe colic. We thank Elisabeth for her trust and for giving us the chance to get to know her pony Flora.


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