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The first heroes report on their first takes with the Megasus!

Read here what Jenny from the USA, Stephan from Germany, Gisela, Agnes and Eva from Austria have to say.

Real heroes take care of their horses. For over a millennia, the horse has been the companion of great heroes. It is time to give something back to our four-legged friends. Together with us, you have made it your mission to protect the hooves and legs of your horses and to care for their well-being. For your courage, we would like to thank you with all our hearts.  


Jenny from the USA is a hero because she doesn't give up easily. After the initial mounting difficulties, she got the hang of it and is mega-excited:

"These shoes are fabulous. It took me two tries to get the adhesives to stay on, but I think I got it this time. First trail ride out and they performed beautifully!!! Can’t wait for my next pair so both my horse can enjoy freedom from clunky boots. Everyone needs these for their horses.“


Deborah told us the story about her Shetland pony Wicky and why he is a fighter, who has never given up. That's why Deborah has continued doing all she can and ordered the smallest size of the Megasus Med'n'Rehab for him. It was worth it because now her little fighter can finally run again! Here is the incredible story about Deborah and Wicky:

"On  the 29th of June, I ordered the smallest Megasus Med'n'Rehab for my Shetland pony Wicky (21 years old). I was pleasantly surprised when I received them on the 3rd of July! My pony was suffering from severe laminitis: for almost 2 years, despite trimmings from 3 different professional farriers (after x-ray photos), several brands of hoof boots, a sugar free diet, and the medications, "Bute" and Metacam. The laminitis became chronic. For two years, my pony was so cripple that he could not even stand normally, let alone walk. He laid in the paddock for hours and sometimes, he could not find the courage to stand up for his meals. My heart was breaking and I felt completely helpless. Even the medications "Bute" (and later the Metacam) did not ease his pain. Despite all of this, Wicky remained positive; he was always cheerful. The reason I did not give up on him was because he had not given up on himself!

In the meantime, I was convinced that the chronic pain was not caused by his diet. He was given several herbs for Cushing’s disease, but we found out that he didn’t have it; his blood was tested twice and his levels were normal. His neck was supple and he was not fat, but the way his hooves grew was what troubled me. I always trim the hooves of my other (healthy) horses myself, but for Wicky, I needed a professional. The professionals were not able to help him either, so I thought I could do just one more thing: ask a farrier with about 50 years of experience for help. If he couldn’t trim Wicky's hooves right, no one could and if this helped, I promised myself to order the new Megasus Med'n'Rehab because other boots where always too big and Wicky's hooves got too hot in them. This experienced farrier trimmed the hooves quite thoroughly (after taking new x-ray photos). After that, the soles were sensitive, but he immediately began walking better! I ordered the Megasus Med'n'Rehab and mounted them as soon as my weekend started!

And guess what? Wicky was walking again! These boots are perfect for him: they support the hoof wall and the frog, but spare his painful soles because of that wonderful space in the middle! Now it was time for the second trim and directly after that, Wicky was jumping through the paddock in his Megasus Horserunners!! Since then, he is trotting and galloping again and I’ve been able to quickly decrease his medication. I have hope that I will be hiking the roads with him shortly! I think Wicky might be the first Shetland pony in the Netherlands that sports the Megasus."


Stephan from Germany always amazes us when he sends us photos of his mounted Megasus. We would like to thank Stephan for his commitment and for helping all his friends with mounting their Megasus!

"When I heard about Megasus for the first time, I was very curious. I was always a barehoof fan, but unfortunately my mare rides her hooves down faster than they grow back. To add to the situation, the forest paths in the North Eifel are often repaired with gravel. This limited me even more and I urgently needed a hoof protection, but in the size 20x20cm there are hardly any choices, even in hoof boots. I tested the Megasus extensively on both of our horses and am totally thrilled. They protect the hooves in every situation.

Meanwhile, I am affectionately known as Mr. Megasus Germany by the Megasus team, which also makes me a little proud. I'm not a hoof professional, but I know how to assemble and mount the LOCK and GLUE systems so well, that my friends come to me to mount the Megasus for them. The instructional videos were really informative. I've become a real fan of gluing and now see no reason to clip-on the Megasus. I notice how well the horses walk when their hooves are well protected and then I just let them walk barefoot for a few weeks."


Eva from Austria is a real pioneer because she thoroughly tested the innovative Megasus Run'n'Fun in an eventing competition and wasn't afraid that her horses would stand out in the blue shoes:

''I supported Megasus! When I received my pre-order with the clip-on Megasus, I could hardly wait to try them out. We are on the road for eventing competitions and participated in the South-East-Cup and we decided to use the Megasus Run'n'Fun, the glue-on variety. The rider Fiona and my gelding Sunny competed in the CCN-C new in Feldbach with the Megasus Run'n'Fun and we were so thrilled with the feeling when riding.

I'm really excited about how well Sunny's hooves have developed. They look fantastic and he has never had such beautiful hooves! Sunny's hooves have finally filled out and riding with the Megasus is just great. The Megasus put us at ease and we are able to just have fun!''


Gisela from Austria is a hero because she has decided to try something new to help improve her beloved horse's quality of life.

"Not just me, but also our vet is excited about the Megasus. He said that he walks the best with them by far and that they are much better than iron horseshoes or barehoof. He has also advised me to fill them so an old wound can heal. The Megasus have been professionally customized, but I can mount them pretty well on my own now. ''

Agnes from Austria is a pioneer because she confidently grabbed her uncles' tools and took the mounting of the Megasus into her own hands. We're excited for you and your successful results!

''I ordered the Megasus with the Velcro. With my uncles' angle grinder and jigsaw, I cut the Megasus myself. This part was no problem. The rest of the mounting was no longer a challenge for me. I was able to do it all independently and without (male) assistance. At first, I made the mistake of leaving behind too much material in the back because I was afraid of making the mistake of cutting away too much. We consequently lost the shoes during our first test ride because my mare stepped on the overhang in the back. After shortening the heels of the Megasus soles appropriately, the shoes held great on the hooves. My mare has rather sensitive hooves and struggles going over rough terrain. Without protection, only walking is possible. With the Megasus, she can gallop over rocky paths without restraint. What I can say about the mounting: practice makes perfect!

To the durability of the tapes, I can say that the tapes wear down over time, decreasing the shoe's hold. For me, this was apparent when individual Side-Clips opened while riding. I just pressed them on again when I noticed it. I changed the tapes after about 1 month, then the problem was solved.

Regarding the covers (which you put on the Velcro while the shoes are not worn), I can say that they stay on in the stable. In the meadow, however, my mare has lost them several times, causing the tapes on the hoof to get dirty and making the hold consequently worse off. I was able to solve this problem by keeping the Megasus on the hooves when my mare is in the meadow."

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