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Fan and tester Anna Eichinger had some questions for us.

4 answers to 4 questions: what you always wanted to know


Fan and tester Anna Eichinger teaches academic horsemanship and has been part of our testing team with her two horses for three months. Some of her students have already gained experience with both the Megasus Med’n’Rehab and the Megasus Run'n'Fun.  Anna has asked us four common questions that she often receives as a Megasus tester.  

Why are there 2 different materials, the "Revolution TR20" and the "Heatrunner"?

We have developed a complex concept for the composition of our material and our demands are high. On one hand, the Horserunners should be flexible so they can support the natural hoof dynamic. On the other hand, they should provide stability and shock absorption on hard surfaces. It was a challenge to reach the perfect balance. That’s why we’ve experimented with two plastic components for so long.

Fact is: Plastic reacts to outdoor temperatures. For this reason, we developed different material compositions. The Heatrunner was developed for consistent warmer temperatures and heat waves. Our current material, the Revolution TR20, has tested successfully in temperatures up to approximately 25°C and is therefore recommended for outdoor temperatures up to 20°C. We’ve found that this material is suited for a wide spectrum of temperatures and it has convinced us in terms of abrasion. The Heatrunner is still in the production phase and will be available in 2019.

There are 3 varieties for the Megasus - what are they and how do they work?

Your Tabby and Pina wear the Megasus Run’n’Fun for pleasure riding on all types of terrain. The Megasus Run’n’Fun protect the hooves long term and are glued precisely to the hoof wall with just a touch of 2-C Glue. That’s important to us: the soles should remain glue free! Like with your Tabby, who has sensitive hooves and has thin soles, it is important that the hoof can recuperate and regrow healthily. Glue on the horse’s soles can feel like having a rock in your shoe.

As the world’s first clip-able sneaker for horses, the Megasus Med’n’Rehab allows for optimal medical, therapeutic, and orthopedic care at any time. This is great not only for horses with thin soles or laminitis, but also for passionate barehoof fans who want to have the option of putting them on and taking them off as needed. It’s made possible with the special state of the art Velcro band with its characteristic mushroom headed structure, which is glued directly on the hoof, the Mega-LOCK Tape. With it, the Megasus Med’n’Rehab is clipped on with an audible ‘’Click’’.

Our third system is the Megasus Quick’n’Stick. This variety is currently in the test and development phase. They are easily glued on the hooves like a band aid and have lot of potential for trail riders and ‘’do it yourselfers’’.

All three systems have something in common: they are easily interchangeable! It doesn’t matter which system you choose - all the Megasus are convertible into another fastening system by trading out the Side-Clips. A horse with a hoof abscess that uses the Megasus Med’n’Rehab can, for example, switch to the Megasus Run’n’Fun as soon as the hooves are healed by simply changing out the Side-Clips and compete in the next jumping competition.

In the first promos from the crowdfunding campaign, where I learned about the Megasus, the Velcro version was THE Runner. Why is it know a medical version?

Individuality has always been in the foreground and for us, it’s clear - we want to ring in the end of the Iron Age for all horses. Therefore, we also want to meet different requirements. The numerous responses from our testers and also from our supports have shown us that there are two main concerns: on one side, many want to ride care freely, while fun and sports are the main focuses. On the other side, desperate horse lovers have contacted us with tragic stories about their horses with hoof abscesses, laminitis or hoof deformities.

In our experience, the current Megasus Med’n’Rehab for clipping on and off is especially unbeatable in the orthopedic and medical areas. Barehoof in seconds is essential if the hoof needs to be treated for issues such as a hoof abscess or if the hoof needs to be corrected or trimmed on a regular basis, such as in the case of laminitis. Since one of the major advantages is being able to make adjustments to hooves at any time, extra tools, such as a wedge, are no longer needed. Rehab horses and barehoof fans, who do not shy away from the maintenance that a non-permanent hoof protection may require, are just right for the Megasus Med'n'Rehab.

Our supporters told us about the diverse hunting rides, eventing and jumping competitions that they wanted to participate in with the clip-on Mega-LOCK system. It is very important not to forget that this system is brand new and that it was developed for barehoof fans and problem hooves. We did not develop it for competitive sports and therefore recommend the Megasus Run'n'Fun with the Mega-GLUE system for those who are ambitious in sports or want to gallop on any terrain. The Megasus Run’n’Fun is not only for sports, but also for horses who need a durable hoof protection and are in need of hoof regeneration.

What sets the Megasus Med'n'Rehab apart from permanently worn hoof boots?

The Megasus Horserunners have created a completely new product category. These are tailored sports shoes for horses. Our goal is to replace the iron horseshoe. The Megasus Horserunners are fixed directly to the hoof capsule and adapted exactly to the horse's hoof, so there's no chaffing, rubbing or twisting. The Megasus are never placed beyond the hoof and they do not come in contact with the sensitive bulb or coronary band of the hoof. Thus, they can we worn permanently, no problem.

Hoof boots are also great, but they have their limitations. Let's just think about our shoes. We also have different shoes for different purposes. For example, we do not put on "crocs" for running or hiking, but instead prefer to wear sturdy sports shoes, which provide support and shock absorption, while still being adaptable to our feet. The Megasus differ not only in how they are fastened to the hoof, but in so much more. This also results in different fields of application.

The End of The Iron Age